Negotiation Skills Training by Kevin Abdulrahman

Negotiation Skills

Negotiation skills are essential in any business role. Whether you are seeking resources for a project, working out a new salary deal, or hooking in a high stakes deal for your business, great negotiation skills are an absolute must.

But where do you learn these skills?

How do you teach them to your staff and team members?

How do you stress upon them the importance of great negotiation skills?

You need an expert who has been working with leading companies and governments.

You need someone who will thrill, engage, teach and train your people on techniques that work in today’s market, for today’s generation.

You need someone who will capture their attention, and show them that they already have the confidence to negotiate any deal, in any situation.

You need The Man Inspiring Millions- Kevin Abdulrahman

The Man Inspiring Millions

Kevin Abdulrahman is a skilled motivational keynote speaker and communication expert. He has the expertise and energy to bring any group of people to better levels of productivity and success, across a multitude of industries. This includes negotiation skills training.

Banking? Oil and Gas? Pharmaceuticals? Media? Health Care? Hard Negotiations? Peace Negotiations? Tactical Negotiations? No problem. Give Kevin Abdulrahman a call.

Author of several books and creator or countless training programs, Kevin Abdulrahman can help you, your people and your organization sharpen your negotiation skills in order to achieve great results in business and life.

Negotiation Training Workshops, Courses and Keynotes

            Negotiation training is one of the many services that Kevin Abdulrahman provides.

His negotiation skills courses will give you the skills needed to enter any negotiation with a clear mind and the confidence to get the best deal you possibly can. Using years of experience honing his and many of the world leaders negotiation techniques, Kevin Abdulrahman will teach how your organization can increase their strengths and decrease their weaknesses when it comes to making better deals and decisions.

As a negotiation expert, Kevin Abdulrahman has worked with and spoken for many of the world’s leading multinational companies and governments assemblies.

Not only will he teach you how to negotiate better deals, he will also teach you to find your own motivation, your own inspiration, and become a driving force within your own company.

How much is better negotiating worth to you?

Have Kevin Abdulrahman, world leading negotiation expert deliver a negotiation skills workshop/seminar to your group.

Boutique one on one negotiation skills training may also be available on request, subject to availability.

Hire a renowned inspirational speaker and let him do what he does best- Inspire your audience.

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