Leadership From Within

People and organizations are continuously on the lookout for ‘leaders.’

A leader is someone who guides and leads people towards a certain goal.

Leadership is the ability or process of inducing social influence in order to achieve objectives. Interestingly, leadership is a highly researched area and it’s a sought after practical skill that few individuals possess. Even less, act upon it.

A leader has the ability to inspire, motivate and give ownership to his or her followers.

Leading from within is the ability to lead with courage and from the heart, this type of leader wants more for their followers than they would themselves. They have a high level of respect and value for every team member, they lead by example, and this is difference between true leadership and positional authority- the usual management.

Seminar on ‘Leading From Within’

Leadership has less to do with seniority and more about your values and beliefs.

Leaders have thick skins, they do not bother with title-war. Many times they can be wrong but they have the ability listen and inspire. Crucial characteristics.

Management and leadership are different from one another, remember that a manager can only manage people and resources, whereas a leader can influence people to do more from the heart. That is, treating the task at hand like its personal.
They focus a lot on motivation and giving clear directions.

So, if you wish to lead from within (and have your people do the same), you have to first identify your own weaknesses and strengths, be willing to continuously learn and improve, using your experience to educate others, and be open to the ideas and suggestions of your followers.

As a renowned leadership speaker, Kevin Abdulrahman has delivered over 3000 talks in over 50 countries and across 5 continents. He understands what it takes to lead from within, has interacted with thousands of thought leaders and fast growth companies which has given him comprehensive exposure, knowledge and an unrivalled on the pulse expertise on leadership for the world today.

How to Lead From Within?

We have found the following characteristics to be vital for someone wanting to become a true leader:

Leading by Example with Honesty: A boss tells you what to do and as a leader you will have to ‘show’ your team how and what to do. People love giving instructions but only a leader has the integrity to actually do the job first in order to experience the challenges involved, then he or she will teach and inspire the team to do that specific job. A genuine leader is always sensitive to other’s feelings, they make people feel special and valued, and treat them how they would like to be treated, with utmost respect.

As an expert Leadership speaker, Kevin Abdulrahman can teach your people how to develop the courage to take control before asking others, he will also teach you unique mental techniques that will enable you to push beyond what you initially thought were your limits.

Communication and Confidence: Both traits go hand in hand, confidence and commanding communication skills are a must. As a leader you have to be confident all the time, especially during rough patches, if you loose hope then your team will be lost. The ability to effectively communicate will always be your best asset, but you understand how to apply different communication styles to deal with different types of people. It goes without saying that you must be willing to listen.

You can learn to communicate effectively, most of which is genuinely listening, and Kevin Abdulrahman will teach you what he teaches leaders in fortune 500 companies and leading governments- tried and tested confidence boosting techniques that will be very useful during challenging situations. Get in touch with us to learn more.

Ability to Delegate and Inspire: You must trust your team with your vision otherwise you won’t progress and your people will lose their assurance in you. Learn to pinpoint the individual strengths of your team members and capitalize on them, learning this skill will boost the morale of your team and the productivity of the organization.

The ability to inspire is at the core of leadership- to motivate your team regularly in order to tackle current and future challenges efficiently. Remember that kind and up-lifting words have extremely positive effects.

Our seminar on ‘Leading from Within’ is for companies that truly desire to learn, improve and groom their people to be today’s leaders.

Here’s a short list of what you can get out of this unique seminar:

– What is ‘Leading from Within’?
– Who is a leader and the importance of leadership?
– How to read people’s body language and emotions?
– Give respect in order to get it.
– How to make people look up to you.
– Learn to lead by example.
– The power of honesty, beliefs and values.
– Learn the ability to delegate.
– How to motivate and inspire people.
– Identifying the strength of your team.
– Effective communication skills.
– Applying the principles of leadership to your life.

Learn these skills in order to achieve greater success within your team and businesses. Invite our renowned leadership speaker Kevin Abdulrahman to deliver a seminar/workshop for your group.

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