Inspire to Action

Actions speak louder than words, we’ve all heard this and no one can doubt the importance of ‘taking action’ towards a goal set by your team or organization.

As individuals we all procrastinate and waste time just thinking about distant dreams.

As leaders, our biggest asset is the ability to inspire and stimulate others to take action. In words it all sounds simple to do.

Action means movement in the right direction, then why is it so difficult to do?

The number 1 reason is fear, the fear of failure takes hold of our minds and we start over thinking things, which results in stagnation, and a whole cycle is created where we never seem to achieve much.

Look at the life of any leader, you will notice that two qualities that are common among all of them,

  • Every leaders’ priority is to take action, and
  • They are excellent motivators, they can inspire people to move and get things done.

 Action is the fundamental key to all success!

Seminar on Inspire to Action

For a leader it is crucial to break free of two mental barriers, procrastination and fear. Both these barriers are interrelated, one simple principle you should keep in mind is that ‘actions induce courage’.

Is it that simple? Well yes and no.

In today’s, corporate world success is measured by results generated. We already know that taking action can take get you closer to success, what’s holding you back then? Fear of failure, fear of losing money and the fear of not being able to live up to other’s expectations.

The best way to learn is to model winning principles and absorbing other successful groups that have done it (and continue to do it today).

Kevin Abdulrahman is a leadership and inspirational speaker that is called upon by leading governments and fast growth companies to help get their people inspired, informed and ready for action.

The Man Inspiring Millions has worked with individuals from all walks of lives, corporate settings, troublesome situations and across five continents.

How can you Inspire Action?

The following is what we have found to be crucial for leaders wanting to take and inspire action:

Do More and Think Less: Simple rule, learn to take action yourself first, only then can you induce motivation in others. Everyday your singular aim should be to move and make things happen, list down what you want to achieve and the ‘actions required’ for that objective. Action is the best way to learn. It’s the most effective.

Kevin Abdulrahman can share with you tips and techniques on how to make things move and happen, doing so will give you even greater confidence to lead your people. As a inspiring speaking  expert, he will show you how you can establish presence and inspired others to take actions, rather than be pushy and up tight like some managers mistakenly do so.

Share Stories and Examples: People ‘like’ to hear real life stories. Words have the power to arouse and stimulate. Anyone who has been through failures and didn’t give up is a role model for others. Incidentally, we all have experienced difficulties and somehow survived. As a leader you have to tap into the power of stories and examples.

Kevin Abdulrahman will teach you and help you craft your stories in a way that will stimulate your people’s emotions and ensure that your words never escapes their hearts and minds.

Consistency is Vital: It’s easy to take action sometimes. What differentiates good leaders from great ones is the ability to ‘stick-to-it’. Your daily plan should always be filled with actions and movements. Your people will loose interest and trust if you do not continuously promote a positive ‘do-it’ attitude. Remember that this technique is NOT about manipulation and intimidation. It’s simply about doing.

Kevin Abdulrahman’s seminar on ‘inspire to action’ is designed for leaders who wish to learn the secrets and techniques of getting things done and stimulating others to do the same.

Here’s a short list of what you can get out of this revolutionary seminar:

– Inspire To Action? Why? How?

– How Actions remove fear and build courage?

– The power of good behavior.

– How to start taking actions immediately!

– Learn to Ask.

– How to use your story to stimulate people.

– Trust building.

– Learn the ‘Thinking > Action > Outcomes’ model.

– Breaking mental barriers.

– How to conquer Fear?

– Connecting with people on an emotional level.

– Inspiring people to take actions with you.

– The power of Neuro Linguistic Programming.

– Living in the present and getting down to business right NOW!

– Positive inspirational techniques.

– Respect people to get it in return.

– How to make people look up to you?

Learn these skills and more, invite our ‘action man’ Kevin Abdulrahman today to help deliver a keynote, seminar or workshop to your team.

Imagine a workforce that is energized, focused and inspired to achieve results.

Kevin Abdulrahman can do that for you.

How much is that worth to your organization?

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