Entrepreneurship and how to get there?
Seminar on Entrepreneurship

Recently, the topic of ‘entrepreneurship’ has taken center stage, people and online media is constantly talking about how and why you should follow your passion and become an entrepreneur.

Let’s first understand what entrepreneurship really is.

Entrepreneurship involves starting a business based on an innovation idea, product or solution.

An entrepreneur is the person with the idea, he or she has to go through the process of setting up a business also known as a start-up.

The point to note is that every business involves capital, risk and management of resources, so it is a challenging task and unless the entrepreneur is truly passionate about the idea, chances of success are slim.

Seminar on Entrepreneurship

Let’s start with a simple question, what is the best way to learn?

Answer: The best way to learn is to ‘copy’ and ‘absorb’ the experiences of a successful entrepreneur, and implement practices that are universal.
For example, every business today stresses on the importance of ‘WOW customer service’.

Today we know that a satisfied client can radically increase your business ten folds through social media (word of mouth on steroids).

A satisfied client can give you more business. More of their business. And more of those around them.
Interacting with a successful entrepreneur such as Kevin Abdulrahman can give you vital insights about the challenges involved in setting up and running a start-up, this cuts down your learning curve and gives you a head-start.

Kevin Abdulrahman, the speaker for this seminar is a star-entrepreneur himself (with a load of failed businesses from which timeless truths and lessons were distilled)

His seminar will give you a real, and in-depth view of the exciting world of entrepreneurship.

What makes a successful Entrepreneur?

We have found the following characteristics to be crucial for someone wanting to build a business from the ground up:

a) Passion with Persistence: If you have passion for something then you can start a business, but the issue is that almost all of us are passionate about something, then why is that most of us are unable to follow the path of entrepreneurship? The answer is persistence, if you are not 100% committed and persistent then you can not succeed.

Success comes from making a stair-case out of your failures.

Kevin Abdulrahman can teach you how to take your passion and mix it with persistence.

You will learn valuable tips about how to stay motivated especially when the going gets tough.

And it will.

Contact us to have Kevin Abdulrahman deliver an empowering Entrepreneurship seminar to your group.

b) Planning and Management: The importance of effective planning and management can’t be denied, but you do not really need a business degree to learn these skills, in fact you already know and use some of them.

A goal without a plan is just a wish.’ That’s how vital it is.

You should be able to write a basic business plan with timelines, in addition you need managerial skills because you will be dealing with your employees, clients and other resources, you will need these skills to cope with these rewarding challenges efficiently. Entrepreneurs have to be generalist when it comes to managing their business.

Learn crucial leadership, managerial and planning skills with Kevin Abdulrahman, who can show you the elements of a business plan and what kind of skills you need to thrive.

c) Relationship building and Networking: A vital component of entrepreneurship is the ability to network and build honest relationships, first within your business domain and then outside it. A high level of social awareness is mandatory, via networking you promote your business, build a community, get access to otherwise unavailable resources, build confidence and most importantly absorb the experience of fellow entrepreneurs. All this has to be done with respect and good intentions.

Our seminar on entrepreneurship is tailor-made for people who truly want to make their ideas into a profitable reality.

Here’s a short list of what you can get out of this innovative seminar:

– Innovation. You don’t have to re-invent (just tweak) the wheel.

– How to make unique selling points for your business or product?

– Using the power of ‘social media’ to get the word out and build following.

– Learn to take calculated risks.

– How to stay motivated and the power of being able to adapt?

– Effective business management and the importance of following up.

– How to write a business plan?

– Leadership skills and the importance of a great team.

Learn these skills and more, invite Kevin Abdulrahman, entrepreneur and a leading motivational keynote speaker today and start your path towards ‘entrepreneurship.’

This seminar will teach you the above mentioned skills and much more, with real life scenarios you will get a wealth of information that is usually not accessible by the public.

Contact us to have Kevin Abdulrahman deliver an empowering Entrepreneurship seminar to your group.

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