Creativity and Innovation

Not too long ago creativity was associated with arts, writers, actors and painters.

Today, organizations realize that ‘creativity and innovation’ in any business is a requirement for success.

Without creativity and innovation, you stagnate, fall behind, and very quickly, die.

Leaders and businesses can make themselves stand out by being innovative. There is a difference between creativity and innovation. Creativity is having an idea. Innovation is bringing those creative ideas into reality, i.e., implementation of a particular creative idea.

True leaders are innovative and creative, they value these two traits and ensure that ideas are born and implemented in business. A leader has to lead by example, so it’s vital that you as a leader bring in innovation and creativity to your workplace first.

Seminar on ‘Creativity and Innovation’

Leaders set themselves apart by being creative and innovative. If you look at all the businesses that have achieved great success, you will realize that they strongly depended, believed and implemented on these two traits. The general concept is that people are born creative, but that is not the case. It’s like any other skill.

You learn by doing. You get better by doing.

And it is extremely important in today’s corporate world.

Many corporations compete today by being innovative as their differentiator, making them front runners in the minds, hearts and wallets of their customers. Think Apple, and the launch of the IPod.

Kevin Abdulrahman is a leading motivational speaker who is regularly requested to deliver keynotes, seminars and workshops on creativity and innovation. He works with smart and fast growth companies, helping their talent squeeze out their creative juices. Through his trainings, he helps teams come into their creative flow to bring about innovation in every aspect of their business.

How to be Creative and Innovative?

The following strategies can help you become more creative and innovative in order to excel:

Observe and Absorb: For a creative leader, ideas are everywhere. Look closely at everything around you and ask yourself ‘how can we do it better’? Your mind has countless ideas. Pick the most innovative and practical solution, and start working on it. Absorb the ideas that your team puts forward, juggle them in your head and think how a certain idea can make your firm stand out.

Kevin Abdulrahman will teach you a number of techniques to help you observe and absorb in the creativity and innovation seminar. Have him deliver this workshop to your team and he will enable them to generate winning ideas. Fast.

Promote Creativity in the Workplace: You have to establish an environment where creativity is really valued. Note that sometimes people with less experience are ones that can actually bring about creative and innovative ideas to the table. Because of the lack of experience they can think outside the box. Build a stimulating environment by incorporating games at work. Encourage your people to take risks and reward them for being creative. Kind words have very positive effects on people.

This also means that you have to allow for your talent to make mistakes. It is part of the process.

Kevin Abdulrahman will clearly explain the dos and donts in order for you to maximize your potential from the pool of talent you already have within your organization.

Get in touch with us to learn more about how we can help deliver a communication and innovation training session for your team.

Get More Physical: Physical activities like running, cycling, weight lifting and walking increases the blood flow to the brain. This relaxes the mind. There is scientific evidence that physically fit people have sharp, creative and innovative minds. Another tip is to get your entire team to participate in sport activities. You will thank us for the tip.

Kevin Abdulrahman’s seminar on ‘Creativity & Innovation’ is for leaders who truly want to stand out and take their business to new heights.

Here’s a short list of what you can get out of this exclusive seminar

– What is creativity and innovation?

– How a business benefits from Innovation?

– Corporate examples of firms that skyrocketed by being creative.

– How to train your brain to generate ideas?

– The power of Observation.

– Finding out the most Innovative idea.

– Innovation for great creations!

– Stimulating creativity and innovation.

– Building innovative teams.

– The importance of physical activities.

– Creating diversity among employees.

– How to be unique and attract more business.

Leading companies and groups are constantly innovating. In today’s competitive world, being good isn’t good enough.

As a company, you are either growing or you are dying. There is no in between.

Creativity and innovation is the growth factor.

Where will your company be five years from now?

Make the smart investment and contact us to discuss your requirements. Have Kevin Abdulrahman, a leading authority and expert on creativity and innovation work with your group.

Hire a renowned inspirational speaker and let him do what he does best- Inspire your audience.

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