A Winning Mind

 The quality of your results is a direct reflection of the quality of your mind.
Kevin Abdulrahman

 To some people this quote may seem hard to accept. After all, how do you measure the quality of your mind?

In simple words, a winning mind is one that is open to new ideas, it’s resilient and adaptable, and that mind knows how to innovate in every walk of life by applying existing or newly learned knowledge.

Emotions and behaviors are a direct derivative of the mind, but for most of us our emotions and feelings dictate our mind’s condition, and finally the mind takes action- that which we call, behavior.

The opposite of a winning mind is a mind that is agitated, filled with negative emotions, as a result the power to make sensible decisions is compromised. Sadly, we see this too often in business (and life).

 Keynotes, seminars and workshops on ‘A Winning Mind’

 A winning mind is not one that wins at everything, but it has the power to adapt and go from failure to failure in order to reach success. The mind is the most difficult muscle to train, yet it’s your most powerful asset.

Negative thoughts are your mind’s worst enemy, they are tangible and have power over your mind.

So, identifying destructive thoughts and taking action against them is the first step towards a winning mind, having control over your thoughts gives you immense control over your mental state.

As an inspirational keynote seminar speaker, Kevin Abdulrahman works with companies across five continents helping their people (through keynotes, workshops and seminars) attain a winning mind.

 Developing a Winning Mind?

Here are some of the characteristics that’s crucial for someone wanting to develop a winning mind:

Thought Control: ‘I don’t think I can do it’, the most common negative thought, whether you are at work or home, this single thought regularly decreases the quality of your mind. Identify you negative thoughts, start by stopping these thoughts and replacing them with positive thoughts. For example, replace ‘I don’t think I can do it’ with ‘It’s challenging but I’m gonna give it a crack.’ This also involves consciously turning your negative vocabulary into a positive one.

 This is one of many techniques Kevin Abdulrahman shares with his audience when delivering a motivational keynote or addressing a group in a workshop setting.

Kevin Abdulrahman can teach you how to identify negative thoughts and emotions, he will also teach you unique mind control techniques that will benefit you in every area of your life. He will show you how to create emotional anchors, which when activated replace negative thoughts with positive and up-lifting ones.

 Visualizing Success and Quality: Visualizations have been scientifically proven to increase positivity and produce tangible results. Again, it’s all in the mind. Before doing anything visualize how you can do it better in order to get excellent results. Seeing is believing, in your mind see yourself as someone with great capabilities, confidence, willingness to improve and already successful. This is not day dreaming, this is you maximizing an underutilized resource- your mind.

Many independent studies have proven the effectiveness of creative visualizations.

You can learn to visualize and enhance your mental strength. It’s been proven to produce results, increase the brain’s ability to handle stress, recover quickly from failures and absorb new skills rapidly.

Kevin Abdulrahman speaks on this in his motivational keynote sessions. Get in touch to learn more.

Taking Action: There is no substitute to hard work and action speak louder than words. Today, more than ever, we have access to knowledge and information. With a touch you can find out about anything you like but the irony is that there is almost no action.

The point is that we know what’s good but we are not willing to take action. We all know the link between physical and mental health, regular exercise increases your mind’s ability to process information and make good decisions, and still many of us do not have a regular physical activity regime, why?

There is no self-motivation, a property of a winning mind.

 Kevin Abdulrahman’s seminar on ‘a winning mind’ is for organizations and groups who truly want to improve their people’s mind-set in order to achieve their goals and attain better results.

Here’s a short list of what you can get out of this unique seminar:
– How to the mind works?
– Why is a winning mind important?
– Opening up your mind and looking beyond the visible.
– The effects of thoughts and how control them.
– How to create emotional anchors.
– The power of visualization.
– Visualization techniques for success and abundance.
– Starting a day positive.
– Brain games.
– How to become more confident starting from within.
– Teaching your mind to self-motivate.
– How a ‘winning mindset’ can make you more resilient.
– Importance of a healthy body for a sharp mind.

Learn these skills and more by inviting one of the most requested motivational speakers in the world today to give your group a punchy and practical training session.

This will transform your groups’ minds and in turn boost your goals.

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