Effective Time Management

 We do it worst. We want it most.

All of us struggle with time, there’s never enough of it, or is there?

Well there are 24 hours in a day and if managed effectively this much time is enough for the things that matter to you most. People in the corporate world know that time is money, and yet, they struggle with ‘time’ all day.

Why is time so difficult to manage?

There are many reasons for that, we do not prioritize and plan, we get distracted easily and a lot of time is spent going in a million different directions which ultimately has no real value.

So, how do you, as professionals, make more time?

The answer is in effective time management.

Successful organizations and teams (and we know many of them), are ones who have mastered the art of effective time management.

Kevin Abdulrahman, can help your team and organization do the same.

Imagine, if you could double, better yet quadruple your team’s productivity and output? How much is that worth to you? What would it mean to your bottom line?

Seminar on Effective Time Management

During any given day, you have to perform at least 10-15 important tasks, in the same time-frame you have to converse with your employees, spend a lot of time gathering your own thoughts, and then are those tasks that are always pressing you for immediate attention and action.

Interacting with our time management expert will give you valuable information about how to successfully manage time. There are a lot of hurdles and challenges you will face, why not absorb someone’s experience who has been there and done that.

As an entrepreneur, investor, trainer and international speaker, Kevin Abdulrahman knows the importance and relevance of what it means to manage time. He started his career in sales, and improved his business and himself exponentially.

Kevin Abdulrahman also works with Fortune 500 companies and leading governments to help do the same. What you will learn in his seminars and workshops are real life everyday techniques to implement immediately and get results.

People talk a lot about ‘productivity’ these days. In simple words, a productive person gets more done in a given limited time.

Let’s say you are writing a very important presentation that you have to finish in an hour. During that hour you get a phone call, what will you do? Say no to the call or pick up the phone and keep working on your speech?

Are productive people good at multi-tasking?

You would be surprised as to what productive individuals do – one of many thoughts and tips that will be shared when Kevin Abdulrahman delivers his effective time management workshops for your group

What makes an Effective Time Manager?

The following characteristics are crucial for any high performing individual and teams.

Prioritize and Plan: You have probably heard of this many times, and the core of time management is in these two activities. Prioritize your daily task, which ones are more important? Do them first. Now, plan your daily activities, of course things don’t always go according to plan, still planning is a very crucial aspect of time management.

We can teach you easy and essential prioritizing and planning techniques, these are developed and tried-and-tested by our motivational speaker Kevin Abdulrahman. Sign up to our effective time management seminar to learn more.

Learning to Say NO: You have very limited resources and time. You can’t yes to everything, if you do then you may never accomplish your own goals. Stick to the important things, and politely say no to anything that takes you off your path.

Working with Kevin Abdulrahman, you will gain the confidence to say ‘no’ and learn many techniques and ‘tricks’ that will enable you to say NO without offending anyone.

Delegation of Tasks: It’s impossible to do everything by yourself, any task on your list that is less important should be delegated to someone in your organization. Remember that you have to know the strengths of your employees in order to assign a job to the right person. In turn, this will increase productivity.

Our seminar on ‘effective time management’ is especially designed for managers, directors, VPs, division heads and business owners who wish to learn the power of managing time efficiently.

Here’s a short list of what you can get out of this ground-breaking seminar:

– What does Effective Time Management look like?

– How to increase the productivity of your organization?

– Doing more and stressing less.

– How prioritize and plan.

– Time slotting your activities.

– Creating a daily, weekly and monthly plan.

– How and when to Multitask?

– Learning to say no nicely.

– Task delegation.

– The power of ‘Focus.’

– How to exploit your work pattern?

– Time management motivation.

– The importance of regular breaks.

– Effective phone and email management.

– Modern tools for time management.

Learn these skills and more by inviting our leadership speaker Kevin Abdulrahman to deliver a keynote, seminar or workshop for your organization.

Kevin Abdulrahman will guarantee that if you apply what he teaches, you can at the very least, quadruple your productivity.

How much is that worth to your organization?

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