Super Selling

The world’s oldest profession is sales.

Imagine, hundreds of years ago people trying to sell skins to buy food, even when there was no currency, the profession of ‘selling’ existed in one form or another.

Sales is the bloodline of every business.
It is the highest paid profession. If done right.

There was a time when pushy and sleazy were the words descriptive of salespeople. They would drown you in non-stop talk. The client would eventually buy the product, later on they would ponder over the question, ‘why did I even buy this product?’ The only aim was to make a sale and the idea of ‘client’s benefit’ didn’t really exist. Today, ‘super sellers’ are people who offer value, establish trust, have excellent product knowledge, ask the right questions, have the ability to listen and are relationship builders.

Keynotes, Seminars and Workshops on Super Selling

If a potential client asks you, ‘why should I buy your product?’ what will your answer be? Believe it or not, technical innovation maybe your point of difference, but it isn’t the deciding factor here.

In today’s face-paced environment, people buy products that induce trust. Buying is often an emotional decision, yet most sales people only care about closing the deal.

A super seller believes in building relationships and emotional connections.

The best way to learn about sales is to talk to people who are fine salesmen.

Interacting with a thriving ‘super seller’ can give you important information about how an effective sale is done.

There are a lot of hurdles and challenges you will face in this profession, why not absorb someone’s experience who has been there, done that and is still doing it.

Kevin Abdulrahman is a recognized motivational and leadership speaker. But before all that, he is a super salesman himself- and he is proud of it. Having started his professional career in sales at a very young age and is continuously consulting leading companies, his seminar will give you cutting edge thought and techniques that you and your team can implement immediately.

What makes a Super Seller?

We have found the following characteristics to be crucial for someone wanting to become a super seller:

Take Genuine Interest: Think of it like dating, you have to be truly interested in your client. If you haven’t met him or her before, use the web, everyone is online these days. Learn about them, look at their interests, like and dislikes. Then setup an appointment, and when you finally meet them, make eye contact, smile like you have met an old friend, and start by asking honest questions. The more you know about your client the better your chances of making a sale.

We can teach you how to be ‘genuinely interested’ and ‘not come off as pushy’. Kevin Abdulrahman has delivered countless motivational sales keynotes. He can do the same by teaching your team useful tips about how to research and interact with your clients in order to make a super impression.

Want to increase your company’s sales?
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Stand out and Be Remembered: It goes without saying that you should have good knowledge of your product and the respective industry. But that alone won’t cut it. Identify the ‘unique selling points’ of your product, research and find out about your competitors, make comparisons and highlight how your product stands out. Your sales pitch should focus on the USPs of your product and its benefits. This is very important!

Learn to identify the USPs of your product, technical analysis and making comparisons prior to pitching your clients in our sales training workshop with Kevin Abdulrahman “Best Sales Speaker”. He will share with you valuable thoughts and tops on immediately ‘standing out from the crowd.’

Team Up and Value Feedback: You will face problems and obstacles, the only way around that is to collaborate with people in your organization, ask questions, share ideas, brainstorm and always be curious to learn more.

Ask your clients for feedback about how you can make the product or service better, people like giving advice. You will make your client feel ‘valued’ and they may also have some suggestions that you will find invaluable for your improvement.

Kevin Abdulrahman’s seminar on ‘super selling’ is designed for companies and teams who wish to learn the secrets and techniques of effective selling.

Here’s a short list of what you can get out of this ground-breaking sales seminar:

– What is Sales?

– Why everyone wants to be a super seller?

– Relationship building.

– Prospecting and Sales pipeline.

– Offering benefits and earning trust.

– The power of Neuro Linguistic Programming.

– How to make sure-fire openings.

– How to take genuine interest and ask questions.

– Networking and relationship building.

– Establishing common grounds with your client.

– Learning and Execution techniques.

– The ‘80% Listening and 20% Speaking’ principle.

– Establishing lasting trust and rapport.

– Deal closing Skills.

– Innovation and identifying Unique Selling Points.

– Importance of following up and feedback.

– Effective sales calls and presentation skills.

Learn these skills and more, invite Kevin Abdulrahman, one of the world’s best sales motivational speakers to help you increase your sales results.

This sales seminar will teach you the above mentioned skills and much more, with up to date business and life examples. You will be equipped with new ammunition and be inspired to achieve greater success.

Are you ready to receive a wealth of information and tactics, which are usually not available to the public?

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