Few people can motivate themselves. Most people need an exceptionally talented motivational speaker like Kevin Abdulrahman to motivate and rally them up.

For the latter group of people, organizers holding business events or company conferences in Taiwan hire the services of one of the world’s best motivational keynote speakers, Kevin Abdulrahman- The Man Inspiring Millions.


Taiwan’s top motivational speaker Kevin Abdulrahman


As an event planner you know how crucial it is to pick the right keynote speaker to make your event a success. Booking an inspirational speaker like Kevin Abdulrahman in Taiwan means you are ensuring that the event is delivered with applauding results.

A seasoned motivational and leadership speaker like Kevin Abdulrahman is able to not only deliver keynotes, but a combination of workshops and masterclasses for your group. Should you even wish, like many organizers that do, you could ask him to act as a motivational host and MC to ensure your event starts and ends on a high.


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Kevin Abdulrahman delivers his unique stories and philosophies which he shares to inspire the attendees. Having spent a good deal of time in just about every Asian country, Kevin Abdulrahman knows how to connect with the Taiwanese audience in Taipei. Kevin Abdulrahman is also experienced in speaking to professionals from various domains and industries. As a youth speaker to college students, as a motivational speaker to athletes and executives, and as a business speaker to cabinet ministers, and CEO groups.keynote speaker taiwan

As a leading sales motivational speaker speaking in Taiwan, Kevin Abdulrahman delivers his motivational speeches on various topics as building self-esteem, enhancing communication skills, improving productivity, time management, sales and marketing and lots more.

Whether it is to improve sales, enhance teamwork or motivate employees to step up and take more responsibility and become leaders, Kevin Abdulrahman can help companies and government departments achieve these objectives in an artistic, attractive and memorable way.

The fervour, liveliness and emotion that Kevin Abdulrahman will bring to your seminar in Taipei will transform your audience’s personal and professional lives. He has the knowledge, understanding and experience to tackle the mind, turn around any given situation and help ambitious group reach their mountain peaks.

Kevin Abdulrahman can travel to any location in Taiwan to offer his services. Presentations and speeches are tailored fit your particular needs of the audience and client.

Apart from delivering his motivational keynotes and seminars, Kevin Abdulrahman also offers public speaking courses and trainings in Taiwan.


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Taiwan is an island which has for all sensible reasons has been an independent country since 1950. Taiwan has transformed into one of Asia’s biggest traders. It is believed to have gained an economical stride, becoming one of the world’s greatest manufacturers of computer technology.

Taiwan has hosted numerous successful conferences and seminars in the past such as Asian conference for medicine, East Asia conference, Taiwan wealth management conference and so on.

Since frequent meetings are held in Taipei, this capital has many venues for organizing events such as:

 – National Theatre and Concert Hall Plaza
– Songshan Cultural and Creative Park
– Flora EXPO Dome
– Huashan 1914 Creative Park

Apart from convention centres you can also find many five star hotels to pick as a venue.

Taiwan boasts of a lovely cuisine. The Taiwanese have created their own style of diverse cuisine by blending a variety of Chinese styles. You can host an event and serve the popular local dishes made from the seafood.

If you considering holding an event in Taiwan, hire the best motivational speaker Kevin Abdulrahman to host a dynamic and outstanding session that will help your audience Get Inspired, Get Informed and Get Going!!!

Hire a renowned inspirational speaker and let him do what he does best- Inspire your audience.

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