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If you want to call a motivational speaker in Surat, India then there is no better choice than Kevin Abdulrahman. He is one of the top ten speakers Surat lately because of the confidence and the energy levels he has. His whole speech is quite different from any ordinary leadership speaker. This Inspirational speaker just not only gives speeches but gets into the minds of people to make them more enthusiastic and positive about their work their life and almost everything.


Kevin Abdulrahman is a keynote speaker who is extremely energetic and he has the ability of transferring his energy into the audience. During his talk there is not even a single moment that goes dull. This sale speaker has the potential to not only get the attention of the audience but also to keep their attention focused on his talk. This is done by many means that he adopts. First of all he talks to the audience instead of talking at the audience. It is a very rare possibility that you talk to someone directly and they cannot pay attention. So this is the first instrument Kevin Abdulrahman adopts to keep the audience glued to his talks. Then the use of audio visuals is another method which lets the audience relate with the talk. Then the third and the most important thing that is responsible for his talks to become a success are the real life stories that he uses as inspiration and motivation for the people. These stories are either his very own experiences with life or the experiences of his close ones. He is a a great inspirational speaker with a lot of enthusiasm that he wants to spread all over so that no one in his audiences remains oppressed by life itself.


Kevin Abdulrahman is a great conference speaker and he has been invited as a youth speaker for motivating the youngsters, the youth, the businessmen, the leaders from various fields and many more people from various walks of life. He has special affinity with the audiences of Surat because they have this strong aptitude for business and this will need a mind that is relaxed and hopeful of future.


Top keynote conference speaker in surat india Kevin Abdulrahman


Conference halls in Surat


General information about Surat

Surat is an ancient city and its previous name was Suryapur. This city is one of the fastest developing cities of India. There are many international technological giants who have chosen Surat to be their next hub. The city is a fantastic example of old existing with new in perfect harmony as there is just a moat dividing the new city from the old. The old city still has typical narrow streets and historically important houses. Surat will be developed into a smart city as per the programme of government of India.


This city which the largest population of Parsis as compared to any other place in the world has been witnessing history in its most cruel form and still has emerged to become one of the most promising cities of India. This important seaport of ancient times has not lost its glow till yet.


Food entertainment and fun

Surat is a great place not only for the businessmen but also for the people who love to have fun and little me time.


There are several places where you can go with your family and friends and have a great time. There are places of historical importance on one hand while on the other hand there are places where you can shop and eat. This city is a perfect balance of fun and serious work and probably this is the reason behind the calmness of this city.

  • Jagdish Chandra Bose Aquarium
  • Isckon Temple
  • Kavi Narmad Central Library
  • Ubharat Beach
  • Sardar Patel Museum
  • Dutch Cemetery
  • Suvali Beach
  • Surat Castle
  • Dutch Gardens
  • Water Fun Park


Surat’s Best Inspirational and Leadership speaker Kevin Abdulrahman


Festivals in Surat

Being in Gujarat makes Surat a land of festivals and celebrations. Here are a few festivals that are celebrated with much fervor in Surat

  • Sharad purnima
  • Kite festival
  • Navratri
  • Janmashtami
  • Modhera dance festival
  • Food festival


Apart from these festivals there are even fairs held is Surat
  • Dang Durbar
  • Textile Expo
  • Swami Vvekanand National Book Fair
  • Trineteshwar Mahadev Fair
  • Somnath Mahadev Fair


Business convention and exhibitions in Surat

Surat is a well known hub of business and is also an important seaport and this is the reason that the activities


related to business keep happening here

  • German Higher Education Fair
  • Times Education Boutique
  • Swayamvar
  • Times Gehna Surat
  • The Interior Show
  • Business Opportunities Show
  • Travel and Tourism Fair

Kevin Abdulrahman is a sales motivational speaker of international acclaim and has taken the responsibility of uplifting the moral of all those who seek his help. His workshops are directed towards the betterment of all those who are a part of it.

Hire a renowned inspirational speaker and let him do what he does best- Inspire your audience.

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