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Kevin Abdulrahman is a leadership and motivational speaker who travels globally delivering seminars, trainings, workshops and keynotes on the subjects of peak performance, motivation, sales strategies, leadership and inspiration. Speaking at conferences, conventions and events as a keynote speaker, Kevin Abdulrahman has empowered and inspired large audiences to discover their potential, go past their problems, cultivate their power and reap the profits.


Are you and your group looking for a team building session anywhere in England? Having a motivational conference speaker like Kevin Abdulrahman is one way to get the whole team focus better on your organization’s goal this year. A business speaker who can facilitate your event in a professional manner, Kevin Abdulrahman knows how to work the audience and bring out their best.


What about your sales teams? Going through challenging times? Do you want your salespeople to be equipped with current and successful sales strategies? Kevin Abdulrahman is a powerful sales motivational speaker who can help raise your team’s results (and bottomline).


Some of the more popular cities for conferences in England include Liverpool, London, Bristol and Southampton. If you are working for a school or university and wish to have a powerful youth speaker to deliver a motivational commencement speech, Kevin Abdulrahman as the sort of youth speaker whom the audience connect with.


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Entertainment and culture

England is home to many things; English, football, polo, rugby, just to name a few. As an island nation England has asserted influence over the world that few other nations have. It is one of the few states where the monarchy still reigns.


London and Liverpool are great centers of English culture. The most striking is rivalry in football. Liverpool football club is known for its diehard fans while football fans of Arsenal, Chelsea and Tottenham from London are equally dedicated.


Both London and Liverpool have very active entertainment spots. The pubs are especially active during the football season. Interestingly, in 1814 388,000 gallons of beer flooded Europe after the rupture of a beer vat, creating a beer wave!


Do you have a business event or company seminar coming up in London and Liverpool, England?

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Interesting places to see in England
  • The lake district
  • Snowdonia
  • Cambridge
  • The Stonehenge
  • Chester


Past conferences and events in England
  • Lean UX in the Enterprise, Manchester
  • Social media forum, London
  • Entrepreneurship and health
  • IoT enterprise summit 2016, London

Do you have a conference, convention or business event coming up in England?

Hire Kevin Abdulrahman as your international keynote speaker to ensure your audience get inspired, get informed and get going.

Hire a renowned inspirational speaker and let him do what he does best- Inspire your audience.

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