Kevin Abdulrahman is a top motivational speaker in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. He is globally known as The Man motivational speaker malaysiaInspiring Millions. As a leading motivational keynote speaker Kevin Abdulrahman has transformed the lives of entrepreneurs and professional in multinationals all around the world. As a sales speaker he has encouraged teams of Forbes 500 companies to fire up their sales and helped international leaders to make and take tough decisions. Kevin Abdulrahman is well known as a leadership speaker in Kuala Lumpur as he has delivered several keynote addresses and motivational talks at business conferences and leadership summits across Malaysia. His in-depth knowledge about the current business scenario and socio-economic problems of Kuala Lumpur helps in connecting with the audience and help them tackle the problems.


Malaysia’s top motivational speaker Kevin Abdulrahman


Conference Speaker Kevin Abdulrahman is available to deliver keynote addresses as well as motivational speeches in Kuala Lumpur or any other city in Malaysia. He is a regular youth speaker at various renowned conference facilities in Kuala Lumpur where he can be found inspiring hundreds of people.

Kuala Lumpur has an abundance of five star hotels which serve as great venues to deliver workshops and seminars based on your groups’ requirements.


If you are planning on hosting a business event and require a sales motivational speaker, youth speaker or keynote speaker, Kevin Abdulrahman is the best person for the job. His amicable nature and extensive knowledge makes him an instant crowd-puller. If you want your event to be a guaranteed success, hire Kevin Abdulrahman as your guest inspirational speaker. Kevin Abdulrahman is the type of business keynote speaker who can add the magic of energy and deliver your desired message with impact to your audience in Kuala Lumpur.


About Kuala Lumpur:keynote speaker malaysia

Kuala Lumpur, the Asian Cybercity, is the capital city of the ethnically diverse country of Malaysia. It is in the Top 10 beautiful countries of Asia. Their friendly and welcoming nature has helped Malaysia rank 18th among 189 countries in the World Bank’s Ease of Doing Business Survey for 2015. The city is adorned with towering skyscrapers and colourfully adorned mosques and temples reflecting the cultural confluence of Malay, Chinese and Indian communities. The famous Petronas Twin Towers, the tallest twin towers in the world, provides a bird’s eye view of the metropolitan area. The world’s fourth largest shopping mall – 1Utama is situated right here in Kuala Lumpur. In over 150 years, Kuala Lumpur has grown into a major economy and is one of the major trading centres in Malaysia and South East Asia. Kuala Lumpur has been rated as alpha world city as it is one of the important nodes in the global economic system.

Kuala Lumpur also houses a number of comfortable and spacious convention centres aimed specifically towards foreign businesspeople. The Kuala Lumpur Convention Centre is usually touted as the best conference venue in the Asia Pacific. Apart from the KLCC, The HGH Convention Centre and Sime Darby Convention Centre are famous for their large open spaces as well as warm hospitality. Kuala Lumpur is famous for its diverse cuisine and mouth-watering street foods too. The citizens of the United States, Canada, Arab countries, and Commonwealth European countries, do not need Visas to enter Kuala Lumpur for less than three months. All of these, combined with the enthusiastic crowd and mild weather makes Kuala Lumpur one of the best locations for events and gatherings.

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