Kevin Abdulrahman is a top motivational speaker Kolkata, India. He is globally known as The Man Inspiring Millions. Motivational Speaker KolkataHe is the dynamic Leadership Speaker who captivates the sea of audience with his inspiring speech and messages. He strongly believes that speech is the best way to help the people to identify their innate potential and utilize that potential to the fullest to accomplish their goals. Through his motivational speech, he has helped hundreds of business leaders, youth and students to fulfill their best dreams. He trains on soft skills, personality development, sales training, leadership skills, and on public speaking. You can transform your life after attending his session & conference. His session is filled with vigor that helps you to shine and succeed in your professional life. The best part of this Inspirational Speaker is that, he imbibes the can-do attitude in the people with his speech and helps the businesses to boost their sales and build the ability to solve the problems.


He, being the sales motivational speaker conducts sessions across the globe, especially in Kolkata. He believes that Kolkata is most happening cities of India.


Best Conference Speaker in Kolkata India


This city is well-known for its commercial centers, IT hubs, tourism places and cultural festivals.  In fact, this is the city that has the highest population. People from across the country will migrate to Kolkata in search of livelihood and employment. This city has a great history and today this is the most pivotal cultural and industrial center in India. Thissales-speaker-Kolkata city is often viewed as the multinational state. Kevin Abdulrahman is one of the top 10 motivational speakers kolkata and has trained thousands of students and corporate leaders in public speaking and leadership skills. If you are planning to organize any motivational workshop in Kolkata, then Kevin Abdulrahman would be the ideal youth speaker and conference speaker who can deliver inspiring speech by giving real-time examples, thus making the speech more interesting and compelling for the audience. The students, leaders and employees who attend his session would not only fill the potential to achieve success, but also learn about how to face the challenges that come across their personal and professional lives. He delivers the success messages to the audience in an entertaining way that, the messages gets imprinted in their minds. He has given speeches to the people in diverse industries such as health, IT, real-estate, education, etc. and empowered many.


As a sales speaker and keynote speaker Kevin Abdulrahman eliminates the fear in people and drive them to achieve their goals by putting them into actions. People have different aspirations in their lives, but only one in million can fulfill that by bravely taking the actions and remaining people will step back with the fear of failure. And, these people needs motivation to overcome that failure and this motivation is given by inspirational speaker Kevin Abdulrahman. It is known fact that “actions speaks louder than words”. Put your goals into actions and make the world recognize you.



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Inspirational Speaker Kolkata

Conference and Meeting Facilities in Mumbai, India.

Here are a few beautiful and peaceful places for the people to organize their meetings and conferences


Conference and Meeting Facilities in Kolkata, India


General information about Kolkata

Kolkata is the fourth metropolitan city and the second largest city of India and is now the industrial center. This city is well-known for its cultures, music, dance and fine arts. It enjoys the rich cultural heritage and is the educational hub of India. People from other parts of the country come to this city for education. This place has many tourist attractions that thousands of people visit this city every year to experience the Kolkata life. Today, Kolkata has become the hub for education, culture, politics and science.


The government of India is taking all active measure to pull the eye of foreign investment to Kolkata. The business centers and tourist places are easy to access via roads and it has a vast Haldia port where the majority of import and export activities are carried out. In fact, this is the trade center in Kolkata from where India import and export the petrochemicals, oils and other goods.


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Food, Entertainment and Leisure

This is the ideal place for food lovers and people who have a sweet tooth. This has the third largest cricket stadium where many games are hosted and every year millions of people come to this place to watch the game of their favorite teams. The best part of this city is that, it has great infrastructure. Also, the lavish and swanky malls become the one stop destination for the tourist to shop and enjoy the special dishes of Kolkata. There are many concerts and cultural activities happen in this city on a regular basis. Though, Kolkata is a bustling area, but, women can have a safe and incredible shopping experience.


Places & Festivals in Kolkata

Here are a few attractive sightseeing places in Kolkata:Leadership-speaker-Kolkata

  • Howrah Bridge
  • Jorasanko Thakurbari
  • Eden garden
  • Park Street
  • Eco-Tourism Park
  • Science City
  • Victoria Memorial Hall
  • Jaldapara Wildlife Sanctuary


Festivals in Kolkata

Here are a few festivals that are celebrated in Kolkata with great rejoice

  • Durga Puja
  • Nabobarsho
  • Saraswati Puja
  • Poila Boishakh
  • Janmashtami
  • Lord Jagannath’s Chariot festival


Business Conventions and Exhibitions in KolkataKeynote-speaker-Kolkata

The business meetings and exhibitions that are going to be held in Kolkata in the coming days include

  • Annual Conference of Trauma Society of India
  • Career Fair-Kolkata
  • Food Tech India – Kolkata
  • Eastern Print Pack
  • International Conference of Mathematical Sciences for Advancement of Science and Technology

Kevin Abdulrahman, is the most reputed sales motivational speaker is available for you to boost the confidence levels and innate potential in your audience and make the session an astounding success. He has a proven track record in giving inspiring speech and coercing people with his messages and driving them in a positive direction.

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