Kevin Abdulrahman is a world renowned motivational speaker who is available to deliver leadership and motivational keynotes in Hong Kong and Macau. As a leading authority and known as The Man Inspiring Millions, Kevin Abdulrahman now focuses on sharing his expert knowledge with thousands of citizens  of Hong Kong, taking their life and business results to the next level.


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Kevin Abdulrahman is amongst the top 10 motivational speakers in Hong Kong and available deliver keynote speeches as well as host business events across Hong Kong and Macau. A straight-talker, Kevin Abdulrahman’s dynamic inspirational speeches provoke the audiences to think about business and life in a whole new way. Hailing from a middle class Middle Eastern family, Kevin Abdulrahman is well aware of the problems that people of Hong Kong and Macau face every day. This helps him connect with the crowd instantly and help them sort out their problems.


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Kevin Abdulrahman is a regular sales motivational speaker at various renowned conference facilities across Hong Kong and Macau and is hailed by his audience as the number 1 youth speaker. Be it the L’hotel Nina et Convention Centre or The Wharney Guang Dong Hotel, Kevin Abdulrahman can speak at multiple events in a given day, on a variety of subjects ranging from motivation, leading high performing teams, business trends, communicating with power, entrepreneurship, maximizing market downturns and tips and tricks on motivating yourself. Kevin Abdulrahman’s message has reached millions worldwide and now he is doing the same for professionals in Hong Kong and Macau.


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One of the most densely populated cities in China. That’s Hong Kong with over 16000 people per square mile. Famous for its towering skyscrapers, Hong Kong is a major financial centre of Asia and boasts of an internationally acclaimed port. Hong Kong derives its name from its deep-water harbour which has contributed much to the city’s success. With a mixture of western and eastern culture, foreign businesses find Hong Kong a suitable place. Hong Kong maintains a free market economy and serves as a conduit for many of mainland China’s financial interactions with the rest of the world. Hong Kong has a large service economy specializing in international business, banking, trade and tourism. Many international businesses who are involved in China, setup their regional headquarters in Hong Kong because of its close proximity to China and easy availability of world class financial, marketing and technical expertise.

Hong Kong has been voted the “Best Business City in the World” and “Best Business City in Northeast Asia” for four and five consecutive years respectively in the annual readers’ poll organised by Business Traveller Asia Pacific magazine. Hong Kong, being the busiest confluence between China and the rest of the world for business travellers, is the best place for a setting up an event that centres on Kevin Abdulrahman’s motivational speeches. As the economic and financial gateway to China, and with an efficient regulatory framework, low and simple taxation, and sophisticated capital markets, Hong Kong continues to offer the most convenient platform for international companies doing business on the mainland.

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