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From Hanoi to Hi Chi Minh City and everywhere in between, the secret ingredient behind the success of every business is its energetic employees and the secret behind every prosperous nation are happy and productive citizens.

People achieve more when they are happy, motivated, have a plan, are focus  sed on a goal and are equipped with thoughts, tips and strategies to achieve it. When you hold a business event, conference, convention or retreat for your team, your best bet is to invite a top motivational business speaker like Kevin Abdulrahman to Vietnam.


Vietnam’s top motivational speaker Kevin Abdulrahman


As one of the best motivational speakers, Kevin Abdulrahman has been inspiring people from different domains across Asia for a very long time with his impeccable ability to connect with audiences of all ages.

Hundreds of corporate and government institutions globally have benefitted from Kevin Abdulrahman’s motivational and leadership messages over the years. Whether you are holding an international event in Hanoi or corporate conference in Hi Chi Minh City, hiring a famous motivational speaker such as Kevin Abdulrahman will ensure its success.

Are you planning to have a corporate retreat in Hanoi? Perhaps a business conference in Ho Chi Minh City?
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Your audience in Vietnam are guaranteed to Get Inspired, Get Informed & Get Going!!!Motivational speaker vietnam

Having a decade and a half of experience as a conference speaker inspiring people in over 50 countries, Kevin Abdulrahman understands global business trends, various perceptions and the nuances that are part of the various cultures. This enables him to connect and engage with his audience in an effortless manner.

Vietnamese audience love his fitting inspirational messages and stories. They love him as a youth speaker. They love him as a business speaker. Most important of all, they love him as an authentic and from the heart speaker.

If you have a particular topic, issue or message that you would like to be conveyed to the audience, Kevin Abdulrahman can customize his motivational keynote to suit your groups’ requirements.

As well as delivering motivational speeches, Kevin Abdulrahman also teaches senior executive, VPs, ministers, Presidents and Royalty on leadership communication and developing their public speaking skills. He can do the same for your group in Vietnam.

Kevin Abdulrahman can deliver his motivational sales keynote at any venue of your choice in Vietnam, be it the Movenpick Hotel Hanoi on Lý Thường Kiệt in Trần Hưng Đạo, the Prince Hanoi Hotel in the Hoan Kiem District, the Hanoi Royal View Hotel on Hang Dau Street, Hilton Hanoi Opera, Press Club Hanoi, JW Marriott Hotel Hanoi, Vietnam National Convention Center or any other convention space, Kevin Abdulrahman’s priority is to keep the audience engaged, entertained and inspired. As an inspirational speaker, he is passionate about delivering his message with impact. He wants to make a positive impact, and is often booked to speak to several groups in one day when touring a city or country.


Organizing Business Events in Vietnam’s Hubs: Hanoi and Hi Chi Minh City

Vietnam, is an authoritarian Communist state and has one of south-east Asia’s rapidly growing economies. It is driven by the goal of becoming a developed nation by 2020. Three decades of war has not been able to discourage this country’s endeavour to modernize and revolutionize its system. With such focus and growth prospects, many government agencies and multinationals hold regular conferences and events for the betterment of their professionals. You can maximize your events by hiring inspirational guest speaker Kevin Abdulrahman to Vietnam in order to work with your professionals.

Vietnam has numerous venues for you to organize a seminar. Some of the popular venues in Ho Chi Minh City include, the Pullman Saigon Centre Hotel, Hotel Nikko, Intercontinental Asiana Saigon and the Park Hyatt Saigon.


First time holding an event in Vietnam?Inspirational speaker vietnam

You will love it. The Vietnamese are very welcoming and warm. Vietnamese cuisine offers many amazing dishes which is a combination of incredible flavours. You can treat your attendees. With so many beautiful venues, delicious food, good people, Vietnam is a great place to hold a seminar, conference or retreat because your attendees can not only benefit from a powerful seminar, they can then relax and enjoy in a beautiful colourful city.

Make your conferences in Vietnam a dynamic success by hiring one of the world’s top motivational speakers, Kevin Abdulrahman- The Man Inspiring Millions.

Hire a renowned inspirational speaker and let him do what he does best- Inspire your audience.

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