Motivational Keynote Speaker Jakarta Indonesia


Motivational Speaker Jakarta Indonesia


Kevin Abdulrahman is the best motivational keynote speaker in Indonesia.  When government agencies, local companies or international giants want to hold a successful business event or sales conference, they call specifically for The Man Inspiring Millions.  Why? Because he connects with the audience in Indonesia, and guarantees the success of his motivational session.


Motivational Keynote Speaker Indonesia (Bali, Jakarta)

Motivational Speaker in Jakarta Indonesia

An inspirational speaker who can transform your business, personal life, inspire you to achieve your potential, encourage you to go after what you want and is an expert on his subject, Kevin Abdulrahman is a well-known motivational keynote speaker in Jakarta Indonesia. Kevin Abdulrahman is a professional motivational speaker who has delivered keynote addresses, leadership lectures and motivational talks at business conferences, entrepreneurship seminars and has been closely linked with the youth as an inspirational speaker. Kevin Abdulrahman’s personal principles of hard work, integrity and compassion have shaped his experiences and millions of his listeners have benefitted from them.


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Indonesia’s top 10 motivational speaker indonesia Kevin Abdulrahman audience feedback

Hailed as the top inspirational speaker in Jakarta, Indonesia, Kevin Abdulrahman has been delivering speeches on the current business scenarios, challenges, social trends that are altering our behavioral patterns and opportunities in today’s economy.

Kevin Abdulrahman is often considered for keynote speeches to dignitaries and high ranking officials in the government, right through to international business conventions held in Indonesia, and around the world. As a leading inspirational speaker, his audiences find that he has the ability to create an immediate connection with them, understand their challenges and motivate them to strive harder. Kevin Abdulrahman’s inspirational message have often been televised on national channels and his keynote speeches in various digital formats, including books (which can be found on Amazon)

Best Sales Speaker In Indonesia is available for conferences and seminars in Jakarta & Bali

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Motivational Keynote Speaker Indonesia

Whether you are planning a seminar at the Jakarta Convention Center, JW Marriott Hotel, Regus, Fortis World Trade Center, The Ritz-Carlton Jakarta, Kridangga Ballroom or the Jakarta Design Center, you can rest assured that if you book Kevin Abdulrahman as your motivational keynote speaker, you will have a box office hit.

This top Motivational Keynote Speaker jakarta indonesia will not only keep your audience spellbound for any length of time but inspire them to believe that they can bring positive change in their lives or their businesses. This is his guarantee when he comes to Indonesia.

Leadership speaker indonesia

Leadership Speaker Indonesia


Holding an event in Jakarta Indonesia?

Kevin Abdulrahman can deliver a range of programmes based on your theme, requirements, time frames and audience attending. Each of his motivational keynote speeches, workshops or seminars are unique to suit business executives, entrepreneurs, politicians, public and private officials, sportspeople, writers, TV personalities and every other walk of life.

As a leading motivational speaker in Indonesia, Kevin Abdulrahman guarantees his work – 100%


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Are you an event planner looking for a motivational leadership speaker in Jakarta Indonesia?
Take ten minutes and have a listen to Kevin Abdulrahman, Indonesia’s Best Sales Keynote speaker.

So go ahead. Give us a call, or send us an email detailing your requirements.

If you are holding a conference or event in Indonesia for the first time?

Here is a little about Jakarta that is good to know.

Jakarta is home to multi-ethnic population and many Javanese, Chinese, Malays, Indians, Arabians and Europeans call it home. The city is one of the most populous cities in the world and is full of life. Various buildings and monuments here speak highly of Jakarta’s rich colonial past which has been amalgamated with the modern now.

While you are here on a business event or attending your company’s annual conference, some of the must see destinations for all tourists are the National Monument, the National Museum, the Taman Mini Indonesia, The Jakarta History Museum, the beach at Ankol Dreamland and Dunia Fantasi.

Jakarta has a rich food and shopping culture and you will be left amazed by the sights and sounds of this city.

Hire a renowned inspirational speaker and let him do what he does best- Inspire your audience.

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Kevin Abdulrahman is the best motivational keynote speaker in Indonesia. Government agencies, local companies or international giants call for The Man Inspiring Millions to hold successful business events and sales conferences in Indonesia.