Positivity Will Only Take You So Far

The other day I was invited over for a cup of coffee at a friend’s place, as we had not met for a long time. Naturally, when we met she was quite excited. We sat and started chatting about old times. Whilst talking she went to make a pot of coffee, she picked up the…


Shut Up And Be Mediocre

I’m tired of seeing lazy and ignorant people who are sitting on their asses talking big talk.
Hope this video inspires you, pisses you off or do both to force you into a decision.
Shut up and be mediocre. Or Get Your Ass Up & Work Hard.
You’re Welcome


Be The Dumbest Person In The Room

  Do you want explosive growth in your life? Do you want to move forward in leaps and bounds? Be the dumbest person in the room. This is a philosophy I have taught many and they have experienced tremendous growth as a result of it. Try it out and tell me all about the results…


Draw a Line in the Sand

As a kid I had a choice of two beach balls to play with. There was a dull brown ball that I had and a bright ball that I got from a family friend. As a three year old, I spent the first day distraught at this dilemma. I would play with the colorful ball,…