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Do you want your audience to Get Inspired, Get Informed & Get Going?

The chances are you have heard about one of the hottest Sales motivational speakers right now.

Kevin Abdulrahman is a Motivational and Leadership Speaker to leading multinationals, governments and fast growing companies.

He is best known as The Man Inspiring Millions.

Speaking Around The World:

  • As a Motivational Speaker, Kevin Abdulrahman is Engaging.
  • As a Business Keynote Speaker, Kevin Abdulrahman is Empowering.
  • As a Leadership speaker, Kevin Abdulrahman is Enlightening.
  • As an Inspirational speaker, Kevin Abdulrahman is an Experience.

A jet setter who speaks across different corners of the world.

Kevin Abdulrahman is also the author of several winning books, creator of countless training programs, and a public speaking coach to Presidents and Royalties.


Grooming future leaders of schools, corporations and nations.

Sales Teams

Business struggle or strive based on the success of their sales people.

Managers and C-level Executives

Effective leadership skills for today. Leadership that works.


Every economy relies on the ambition and risk taking appetite of these minds.

Athletes and Sports Teams

The quality of your results is a direct reflection of the quality of your mind.

“I measure my work, not in hours, but by the satisfaction of my clients” – Kevin Abdulrahman

Fun Facts

Coffee. Kevin’s world begins and ends here.

Is in love with MnMs. The peanut sort. There is no stopping Kevin when exposed to these babies.

Dubai is the city that best describes him. Hip and Happening.

Cookie Monster is his all-time favorite puppet. Me loves Cookies, nom nom nom- He actually does.

Was caught snoring at a university entry mathematics exam. He brags that it was at a scholarship level.

Ask for a selfie with Kevin. He will gladly accept. Beware of a funny face or pose. You’ve been warned.

His personal number isn’t personal. Just ask. You will have it.

Has been blessed and cursed with the ability of doing one thing at a time. Typical Male.

Wishes he could dance like Chris Brown. Instead he moves like Carlton from Fresh Prince of Bel Air.

Often has multiple half conversations. The other half already happened in his head. He’s that quick.

Seriously a mama’s boy.

Listens to all kinds of music. Rap and hip hop bring out a deep desire of wanting to be a rapper. Fail.

Has huge respect and admiration for stand-up comics. Those that actually make you laugh.

His barber recently pointed out his receding hair line. He is now in search of a new barber.

Still thinks he is 16, just a whole lot wiser.

Wants to (and still believes he could) be Tony Stark/Iron Man – Without of course the playboy lifestyle, being a billionaire and a genius to boot. That would be too much. Let’s not be unreasonable now.

Bad Boys is his most watched movie. Thinks he’s Will Smith, but really more like Martin Lawrence.

The sentence that will make Kevin find time and schedule a speaking session in your country- ``I’ll show you all the little hidden gems``. He loves travelling to new places. He uses speaking as a good excuse.

Passed up on a confirmed bungee jumping session. His then girlfriend had to jump twice. It’s true, he has no shame. He loves himself too much.

If ever lost, Kevin can always be found where food is served. Food follows coffee. In that order.

House M.D. inspires him to be the best.

Beyond business, Kevin is an all-around friendly guy. Friendship is one of his core values.

Baby girl is the endearing nickname for his adopted cat- Cleopatra. She’s more of a fur-ball princess.

At this very moment, Kevin is ready to go on short walks and have long talks with Ariana Grande. Seriously Ariana, if you see this, call him.

New on Instagram. Follow him, even if it’s out of sympathy

Yes. Kevin is kinda cool.

Hire him to speak as your motivational speaker for your next event.

You’ll be glad you did.



Have The Man Inspiring Millions speak for any of your worldwide requirements which can be and not limited to:

  • Conferences
  • Events
  • Seminars, Webinars, Teleseminars
  • Deliver tailor made Corporate Workshops
  • Event forums
  • Weekend/ Week long Summits
  • Hosting Award Ceremonies
  • Support Product Launches
  • Make Appearances
  • Annual meetings, conferences and conventions
  • Grand opening ceremonies
  • Open house programs
  • Fundraising events and kick-off programs
  • Lunches, breakfasts, banquets and award nights
  • News conferences
  • Annual, Quarterly & Territory Sales Presentations
  • Small Business Seminars
  • Youth Speaking
  • Direct Sales / Network Marketing Quarterly Meetings
  • Break-Out Sessions
  • and more…
Motivational Keynote Speaker Indonesia

The time is


It’s time you hired a top motivational speaker who has the winning formula.
Kevin Abdulrahman will get into your audience’s mind, light a fire in their heart, and give them a kick up the butt.

Key Speaking Topics:

Whatever the theme or message, Kevin Abdulrahman crafts and laces his speeches with motivation that will take your audience on a journey to your desired outcome.

  • Communication
  • Leadership
  • Inspiration
  • Motivation
  • Sales
  • Youth

Ready for a Box Office Event?

As a leading inspirational speaker and thought leader, Kevin Abdulrahman travels the world sharing his wisdom and best practices.  With over 3000 delivered keynotes and trainings, Kevin Abdulrahman will work with you as a partner to ensure your event is a box office hit

Unleash the best conference speaker in front of your audience and watch them

  • Get Inspired
  • Get Informed &
  • Get Going!!!


Hire a renowned inspirational speaker and let him do what he does best- Inspire your audience.

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